Magis Learning Partners focuses on holistic education, emphasizing mission and values, and critical thinking, for real-world application.


Mission-Based Education

Collaborates with faculty and staff to integrate mission and sound pedagogical teaching and learning strategies in online and on-ground education.

Community and Engagement

Considers the role of higher education in promoting concepts of community, engagement, and reflection to address social, political, and environmental issues.

Monk Thammasat

Intercultural and Globalized Learning

Encourages intercultural exploration that is student-focused and expands the awareness of others within our globalized world.


Our Services Overview

Magis Learning Partners is an academic consulting group that helps colleges and universities develop mission-centered online and on-ground learning initiatives. For fifteen years, we have assisted leadership teams, teachers, and staff at colleges and universities in meeting the requirements for launching successful online learning programs.

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Curriculum Development and Faculty Training

Whether guiding course development for fully online or in hybridized courses, our services help teachers integrate mission and concepts of community and engagement into curricula, to promote learner transformation in a manner consistent with institutional core values. In addition to faculty seminars we also offer one-on-one mentoring services to assist new and experienced faculty refine their teaching practice and and reach their highest potential as a teacher.


Forming an Integrated Community of Practice 

Our services assist schools in developing a community of practice at their institution that is comprised of key staff who are responsible for strategically building successful online and on-ground initiatives. The community of practice includes professionals such as librarians, curriculum developers, mission staff, and instructional technologists who are responsible for the delivery of curriculum that meets a schools unique needs for learning excellence.

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Magis Learning Partners provides organizations who do not have the resources at the start of an online learning initiative the opportunity to begin managing their online course offerings using our course management system.