Magis Learning Partners offers online and on-ground program development, along with faculty and staff training to ensure the delivery of instruction that promotes reflection, community, and service to others.


By combining years of teaching experience in both traditional higher education and online platforms, Magis Learning Partners helps faculty and staff integrate new technologies into programs and courses in a manner that is educationally sound and imaginatively inviting to students.


Our Services

Curriculum Development

Faculty who participate in course design seminars build curriculum consistent with the mission of their school. Face-to-face, hybrid, online, self-paced, and massive-open-online courses (MOOCS) are among the various forms of education that serve the needs of different learner populations. Magis Learning Partners helps schools determine the right format, given their organizational goals. As they learn how to translate face-to-face curricula into various formats, these faculty build courses that emphasize critical thinking, reflective activities for enhancing personal transformation, and they integrate technological resources for promoting access and individual learning in a globalized world.

Faculty and Staff Training

We help teachers develop their online teaching practice, by offering faculty seminars that allow them to explore new pedagogical elements in the context of their own teaching. They learn how to reflect deeply about their teaching practice, personalize the learning experience, develop learning communities, integrate technology to enhance learning, and engage students in the global and ethical dimensions of the complex world in which they live.

Developing an Organization's Internal Community

By investing in the development of constituencies within a school, educational institutions build expertise across the organization, increase awareness of critical skills, build stronger intra-institutional networks, and lower their expenses.

This framework for growth includes examining the processes, policies, systems, roles and responsibilities, and professional development programs needed to support either an online or on-ground learning enterprise. Our framework is flexible, and our services can be customized to the specific needs of each individual educational environment.


Magis Learning Partners provides hosting assistance for the initial development of online programs and guidance for selecting an appropriate learning management system for individual client needs. This service is designed to support organizations who may not have the internal capacity or resources that would allow them to host and manage online course offerings while they are in a start-up phase.

Furthering Values-Based Education


We Emphasize Intercultural Learning in support of our globalized world

Recognizing that interconnections characterize much of modern life (from tourism and travel to labor migration and international trade), Magis Learning Partners introduces pedagogical strategies to assist faculty in constructing face-to-face, online or hybridized courses that attend to the complicated nature of contemporary life and the role of higher education in forming learning activities centered on justice and community engagement. We assist faculty groups in broadening their vistas for education, to include a potentially global audience. In a twenty-first century context, the very nature of learning has begun to transcend the traditional boundaries of content and mastery, to embrace a perspective that includes diverse viewpoints shaped by a variety of social, economic, religious, aesthetic, and philosophical foundations.