Founded in 2002, Magis Learning Partners is one of the first and most experienced consultancy firms that focuses on values-based online education.


With fifteen years of experience offering training seminars focused on the development of online teaching practices, Magis Learning Partners works with leadership teams to develop the infrastructure needed to launch successful online learning initiatives. Our consultants also work with critical staff at educational institutions (such as IT professionals, librarians, and graphic and instructional technologists) to teach them a systematic approach to the development of high-quality, values-based online education.


Consulting Team

Dr. Kathleen Snyder

Dr. Snyder has been involved in the field of online education for nearly two decades. Kathleen began her career at IBM and worked in development, consulting,  and at the IBM TJ Watson Research Center.  In 2002, she accepted a position with the Jesuit Distance Education Network (JesuitNET) as Director of Curriculum Development. In 2014, she became President of Magis Learning Partners. Kathleen has a Ph.D. in Education with an emphasis in leadership and online learning from New York University.

Dr. David Robinson, S.J.
Lead Mentor

Fr. Robinson works with faculty in the area of mission integration in online teaching. David completed undergraduate studies at Boston University, attended UC Berkeley for graduate work in English Literature, and earned his Ph.D. in Theology and the Arts from the Graduate Theological Union in 1995. He spent nearly fifteen years at the University of San Francisco at the College of Professional Studies, in the areas of Interdisciplinary Studies, Academic Administration, and Educational Mission and Spirituality. 

Dr. Elaine Crable
Lead Mentor

Dr. Elaine Crable has a Ph.D. in Education and mentors faculty in online course design seminars.  With more than a decade of experience designing and teaching online courses, Elaine also assists faculty in the design of accessible online education, emphasizing innovative ways in which to address the needs of students with disabilities. Currently she is a Professor in the Information Systems Department at Xavier University and the Chair of International Programs in the business school.


Dr. Gregory Gullette
Senior Designer

Dr. Gregory Gullette works as a course designer, coder, and photographer. Gregory's background in cultural anthropology and his research in Mexico and Thailand have helped shape his views on the need for social, political, and environmental justice-oriented frameworks in higher education.  He completed his PhD at the University of Georgia in 2004. He has taught at Georgia State, Missouri State, Santa Clara University, and is currently an associate professor at Georgia Gwinnett College. 

Dr. Mary Oriol
Faculty Mentor

Dr. Mary Oriol holds a DrPH in health systems management from Tulane University School of Public Health and a Master of Science degree with a major in mental health nursing from University of Southern Mississippi. Mary has been a tenured faculty member for thirty years and specializes in leadership in health care organizations and in nursing education. Her research areas include online teaching and learning and organizational behavior.

Gloria Hofer
Teaching and Learning Mentor

Ms Gloria Hofer has extensive experience working with faculty who want to integrate technology in pedagogically meaningful ways into their courses.  As an instructional technologist with seventeen years of experience, Gloria has worked with faculty to develop online and face-to-face courses using best practices in course design that foster student engagement and learning. She has online teaching experience, holds a Master's in Interdisciplinary Education.


Associates & Staff

Dr. Susannah McGowan
Faculty Mentor

Melissa Collins Di Leonardo
Marketing and Communications




Dr. Elliot King